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more then just a transport company.

Lens Transport B.V. is a family business, founded by W.N. Lens., who was the former Director of the company. W.N.Lens started in the sixties as a trader and transporter of vegetables and fruits from the greenery in Breda to numerous supermarkets and distribution centres within the Benelux. Cause of the enormous demand of our transport facilities, W.N. Lens made the decision to sell his shop and markets, so he could focus mainly on the transport of Vegetables and fruits. We started to use the name Lens transport B.V. in 1985. In Nov. 2003 E. Lens (his son) took over the company. W.N. Lens stays in the company as an ambassador.

Lens transport B.V. has specialised itself in conditioned groupage transports within the Netherlands and Belgium. We're also specialised in transporting complete cargos to and from the Benelux, Germany, France and Spain. To be able to do this kind of cargo, the complete car park is equipped with isotherm lorries and cool/heat units that can handle temperatures between +25 C and - 25C. This has been done, so we're able to deliver our cargo in the best possible way. Our employers are very flexible, independent and highly experienced. When a delay occurs, Lens
Transport will respond fast and adequate,while the customer will be
informed about the problem that occurred and the actions we are
taking to make sure we deliver ass fast as possible.
If needed, We can assist our customers with solving
difficult issues concerning transport.

                            Mr. W.N. Lens
IABC 5381
4841 RC Breda
Tel +31 (0)76 522 00 87
Fax +31 (0)76 520 18 11
Heikantsestraat 68
4841 ES Prinsenbeek
KVK: 20018272

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